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Tooele County, Utah

There are many moving parts when you’re buying and selling real estate. In addition to understanding how local property values affect home values, it’s also essential to know how location factors into a home’s resale value. Knowing a little more about the community where your property is located makes selling your house much more manageable.

Knowing the amenities and property values is also crucial to ensure you’re making a wise investment if you’re looking to purchase.

Utah has a very competitive housing market. It offers an array of climates and backdrops that will appeal to nearly any buyer. The state provides easy access to various outdoor activities, entertainment, fine dining, and Broadway-caliber plays. This unassuming state ranked number 3 on U.S. News’s list of Best States to live in 2022.

About Tooele County, Utah

Tooele County sits in the northwest portion of the state. The eastern borders of the county cover Davis, Salt Lake, and Utah Counties. Box Elder County sits to the north of Tooele, and Juab County sits to the south. The western section of the county contains the Great Salt Lake Desert and the city of Wendover. Box Elder extends to the Utah/Nevada border.

Tooele County houses many smaller towns. The largest city in the county is Tooele. Tooele County has a population of just over 72,000.

Tooele is one of the country’s drier areas (which is saying something, since Utah is considered a desert state and the second-driest state in the country). The county averages only 15 inches of rain each year. Despite the desert sections of the county, Tooele averages 53 inches of snow each year.

Tooele is a warmer county, with summer highs hovering around 91 degrees Fahrenheit and winter lows resting around 18 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Housing Market Trends in Tooele County, Utah

The housing market in Tooele County is competitive. The average sales price for a home in Tooele County is $431,000. The typical home sits on the market for 14 days before selling. Since last year, the average home prices have jumped by more than 25%. Last year, the average sale price for a home in Tooele County was $335,869, and homes typically sold for 12 days.

In 2017, the average sales price for a home in Tooele County was $214,950, and the average house was on the market for 37 days before selling.

Unlike the rest of the state, the highest number of sales in Tooele County typically occur between November and March, with lower sales between May and August.

What does Tooele County, Utah have to offer?

Tooele has a lot to offer visitors and residents. Attractions in and around Tooele County include:


Outdoor Activities (Skiing, Hiking, etc.)

  • Bonneville Salt Flats
  • Deseret Peak
  • Stansbury Island
  • Blue Lake
  • Deseret Peak
  • Flat Top Mountain
  • Vernon Reservoir
  • South Willow Lake Trail
  • Settlement Canyon
  • Craner Peak
  • Five mile-Pass
  • Dark Trail

Museums, Zoos, and Parks

  • Great Salt Lake
  • Wendover Airfield Museum
  • Knolls Recreation Area
  • Danger Cave State Park Heritage Area
  • Tooele Valley Museum and Historical Park
  • Bonneville State Park
  • Utah Fire Museum
  • Donner-Reed Museum
  • Tooele Pioneer Museum
  • Stansbury Park Observatory Complex



  • Jordan Landing
  • Valley Fair Mall
  • Draper Peaks



  • Tooele City Softball Complex
  • Skyhawks Sports
  • Steadman’s Recreation



  • Amphitheater at Studio Ranch
  • Deseret Peak Swimming Pool
  • Fun Depot (Dodgeball, Archery Tag, and Nerf Gun Wars)


Government and Historical Sites

  • Tree of Utah
  • Benson Grist Mill
  • Ophir Historic District
  • Black Rock
  • Clark Historic Farm
  • Kennecott Copper Mine Overlook
  • Oquirrh Mountain Mining Museum


Hospitals in Tooele County

Hospitals in or near Tooele County include:

  • Mountain West Medical Center
  • Jordan Valley Medical Center West Valley Campus


Universities and Colleges in Tooele County

Universities and colleges in Tooele County include:

  • Tooele Technical College
  • Utah State University-Tooele Campus

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