Sell My House Fast in Memphis, Tennessee

Brick specializes in providing fast Cash Offers to help homeowners in Memphis with a simple and easy home buying process and on a timeline of the seller’s choice. If you find yourself searching “Sell My House Fast Memphis” then you’re in the right place. Whether your selling timeline is 7 days, 14 days, or even 45 days. We can buy your house fast and give you a full cash offer or we can buy your house when the time is right for you.

A truly flexible solution for home owners wanting to sell their Memphis home. 

Brick provides a number of different real estate selling solutions because we care about our customers and understand that they need simple and flexible solutions. Our team comprises of specialized problem solvers and real estate investors who put you, the seller, first allowing us to ensure we meet every customers needs. 

When the time is right and you need to sell your Memphis house fast…

Request an all cash or term offer from Brick and we’ll let you select the closing date of your choice. We buy houses for Cash in Memphis in any condition, whether it has flood damage, mold, a leaking roof, a cracked foundation, or peeling paint. Don’t worry about paying for or managing repairs becuase Brick Offers will buy as is. We are truly a stress-free selling solution for homeowners. 

Why Would I Want To Sell My House FAST in Memphis to Brick Offers and not go with a real estate agent?

Is listing your home with an agent, managing repairs, scheduling walkthroughs, and paying realtor fees the best option for you? For some customers reaching out to Brick Offers it may be the right choice to go with a realtor. If Brick Offers feels that listing with an agent would make more sense for you and your situation, we will communicate that as our goal is the best outcome for our customers. If you are looking for a fast, hassle free, cash offer on your home, Brick Offers is where you need to be.

What does selling your home with a realtor look like?

Below are some of the fees, real estate agent commissions, and elements involved in selling your home with a realtor.

  1. You pay 6-7% commission.
  2. You pay 2-3% closing costs.
  3. Wait 3 to 6 to 12 months for buyers.
  4. Negotiate offers.
  5. Closing takes 60-90 days after offers.
  6. Buyers ask YOU to make the repairs.
  7. Typically, Realtors do 20-30 showings.
  8. Need to wait for buyers to get funding.
  9. Buyers drop out from bank loans.

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There are also a number of hidden cost to consider when selling your house the traditional route. Here’s a great article discussing 7 hidden expenses you should not ignore. 

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Benefits of selling your home to Brick.

What are the benefits of selling your home or property to Brick Offers? We get it, life is sometimes complicated but we believe selling your home doesn’t have to be. Brick Offers will allow you to sell your Memphis house fast for cash and in the process we provide…

  1. Fair Cash Offer
  2. Fast Closing
  3. No Repairs Required
  4. Zero Realtor Commissions
  5. You Pick the Closing Date
  6. Simple and Pain-Free Process

Fair Cash Offer.

Brick Offers believes in getting to the root of the issue our customers are facing. We help solve the problem at hand and utilizes real estate as a tool to help provide the solution our customers need. For many customers that’s getting a fair and fast offer for their property and being able to walk away with cash in their hands. We believe in honest and fair property evaluations and will be up front with you on what we can offer on your home in Memphis.

Fast Closing.

Brick Offers is the fastest hassle-free way to get your home closed and sold in Memphis. When you sell to brick you don’t have to waste time on Mortgage approvals or negotiate repairs. We can close after a site visit to verify the property condition. 

No Repairs Required.

Save tens of thousands on renovations in Memphis by selling to Brick Offers. We love buying properties “as-is” because we know it makes life so much easier for our customers.  Any condition or any situation, come to Brick Offers. Check out our, “How can we help?” page to see a list of situations and problems we are equipped to help our customers with.

Zero Realtor Commissions.

We are not realtors – there is absolutely no realtor  commission when you sell a Memphis home or property to Brick Offers. Our offers are free and do not require an obligation. No online listings, fixing repairs, prepping for the sale, 30 showings, or yard signs.

You Pick Closing Date.

Brick Offers works on your timeline. If you find yourself in the need to “sell my house now” in Memphis kind of situation, Brick Offers can help. Or let’s say you need to sell now and stay for a few months Brick Offers can find a solution for you. If you need a flexible closing date, Brick Offers can provide it.

Simple Process.

What sets Brick Offers apart from the rest is we are the easiest way to sell your home fast. We don’t believe in the word haggle. We have a simple 3 step process we follow. Step one, you request an offer on your property and we discuss the details of your home with you. Step two, we send you a fair and fast offer and discuss all the details of the offer with you. Step three, you accept and Brick takes care of the rest. You just meet us at title on closing day. Selling your Memphis home fast to Brick Offers is really that simple. No realtors, no MLS listing, no showings, no haggling over repairs, no waiting for funding. It’s really that easy, request an offer, accept and sign, and meet at closing.

There you have it folks. Selling your home in Memphis is that simple when you sell to Brick Offers.

You know it’s time to sell your Memphis property to Brick Offers when…

Rich result when searching how to sell distressed property

The property is dated or in need of repairs, your experiencing financial distress such as medical bills or foreclosure, a sudden or unexpected life event, you need to downsize or relocate due to retirement, your property has structural issues or it’s condemned house, you inherited a property you can’t keep, maintain, or afford, your property is damaged from natural disasters, your property is vacant or a problematic rental, and the list goes on. 

Is this a real offer I can depend on?

You’re probably asking yourself two questions, first, “is this real?” and second, “why should I use Brick Offers to Sell my Memphis home or real estate property fast?”
We get it, you’ve probably seen websites, text messages, letters, postcards, etc. all claiming they can buy your home for cash quickly. So, what’s the Brick Offers difference? Check out our How we work page.

Obligation-free request. 

You are not obligated to accept your Brick Offer. Your Brick Offer is designed to be the simplest and fastest way to sell your home. If it’s not the right time, no problem, when you determine it is the right time to sell, call Brick Offers. We’ll buy your Memphis property for cash. With Brick Offers, we’ll not only give you a reputable cash offer but with Brick Offers you’ll sell your Memphis home fast.

What if a Cash Offer for your home isn’t right for you but you still need to sell?

No problem, Brick Offers can provide you with a creative financing offer (aka a term offer) on your home. If a term offer is a better fit for you, it’s likely you can command a higher price for you home.
For example, if you need to get $20K, $30K, or even $50k out of your home now but need to sell the rest of your home over time, no problem. Brick Offers can help.

Investopedia has a great article discussing the ins and out’s of a seller financed real estate deal.

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Nolo also has a great article covering seller finance in real estate.

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Need to Sell Your Rental Property?

If your attempting to sell your rental property Brick Offers is the easiest option for you. Check out this great resource which covers the key elements you want to consider when selling your rental. 

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Bottom line, if you need to sell your rental property, if you need to move fast, if you can no longer aff

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Get an offer on your home.


When life closes a door, and you need to sell.

We buy homes at the speed of life. Request your offer today and lets build a solution that works for you.


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