Sell directly to Brick.

We buy homes with unique stories and difficult circumstances.  Find freedom from your house. 


Don’t wait on your offer.

We have investment directors standing by, when you connect we immediately start the process of putting together an offer for your property.

The cash to move forward.

Brick provides a safe and swift way to get money out of your investment.

More savings for the seller.

Eliminate seller fees and commission payouts and walk away with more money in your pocket.

No repairs needed.

You can trust us when we say we will buy as-is

We discover solutions

We work hard to find what works for you. Success is when everyone walks away with what they need to move forward into their next great adventure.

A stress-free sale.

Brick is dedicated to making the fast sell of your property easy and assign you your very own investment director to manage the process.

Terms you understand.

Brick provides not only a simple process but a transparent one. We are here to support you in whatever stage of life you are in.

We manage paperwork.

We tackle the paperwork for you with a licensed and insured title company to ensure every last ‘t’ is crossed and ‘i’ is dotted. 

Whatever your reason.

Our team is waiting to hear from you

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