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Weber County, Utah


There are many moving parts when you’re buying and selling real estate. In addition to understanding how local property values affect home values, it’s also essential to know how location factors into a home’s resale value. Knowing a little more about the community where your property is located makes selling your house much more manageable.

Knowing the amenities and property values is also crucial to ensure you’re making a wise investment if you’re looking to purchase.

Utah has a very competitive housing market. It offers an array of climates and backdrops that will appeal to nearly any buyer. The state provides easy access to various outdoor activities, entertainment, fine dining, and Broadway-caliber plays. This unassuming state ranked number 3 on U.S. News’s list of Best States to live in 2022.

About Weber County, Utah

Weber County is the second smallest county in Utah by land area. The largest city in Weber County is Ogden. Weber County borders the Great Salt Lake on the west, Clearfield on the south, and extends just north of Willard Bay. A significant portion of the county includes parts of the Wasatch Mountain Range.

The county contains several protected areas and 25 lakes and rivers. Most of the heavily populated communities in the county lie near the I-15 corridor.

The climate in Weber County is dry in the summer and wet in the winter. Weber County averages 21 inches of rain and 51 inches of snow per year. Since parts of the Great Salt Lake rest in this county, Weber is affected by the Lake Effect, which can increase rain and snowfall during parts of the year.

The average summer high is 91 degrees Fahrenheit, and the average winter lows are 21 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Housing Market Trends in Weber County, Utah

At publication, the average sales price for a home in Weber County is $385,000. The typical home stays on the market for 39 days in Weber County. The average sales price in Weber County has increased by 24.2% from last year.

At the same time, in 2021, the average sales price was $292,500, and the average home was on the market for 9 days. The data shows that home sales are slowing down in Weber County, even as property values have increased.

In 2017, the average home sold for $189,700 and stayed on the market for about 127 days.

Historical data indicates that more homes are sold between May and September. The lowest sales periods are October through January.

What does Weber County, Utah have to offer?

Though small, Weber County has plenty of options for entertainment. Here are a few things in and around Weber County residents and visitors might enjoy:

Outdoor Activities (Skiing, Hiking, etc.)

  • Pineview Reservoir
  • Weber River
  • Waterfall Canyon Trail
  • Causey Reservoir
  • Mount Ogden
  • Ogden River
  • Malans Peak
  • Wheeler Creek
  • Port Ramp Marina
  • Wasatch Parc Snow Tubing
  • South Skyline Trail
  • Ogden River Parkway Trail


Museums, Zoos, and Parks

  • Hill Aerospace Museum
  • Ogden’s George S. Eccles Dinosaur Park
  • Treehouse Museum
  • Ogden Nature Center
  • Ogden Botanical Gardens
  • John M. Browning Firearms Museum
  • Ogden Contemporary Arts
  • Eccles Art Center
  • South Ogden Nature Park
  • Cemetery Point Beach
  • North Ogden Historical Museum
  • Browning-Kimball Classic Car Museum
  • Utah Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum
  • Ott Planetarium



  • Snowbasin Resort
  • Nordic Ski Valley Resort
  • Powder Mountain
  • High Adventure Park
  • Skylodge
  • Ogden Nordic Ski Resort



  • Riverdale Shopping Center
  • Newgate Mall
  • The Junction Outlet Mall
  • Cannery Creamery


Government and Historical Sites

  • Ogden Union Station


Hospitals in Weber County

There are several hospitals in Weber County, including:

  • MacKay-Dee Hospital
  • Davis Hospital- Weber Campus
  • Ogden Regional Medical Center
  • Intermountain Health Care


Universities and Colleges in Weber County

Weber County is home to Weber State University and Ogden-Weber Technical College.

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