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Utah County, Utah

There are many moving parts when you’re buying and selling real estate. In addition to understanding how local property values affect home values, it’s also essential to know how location factors into a home’s resale value. Knowing a little more about the community where your property is located makes selling your house much more manageable.

Knowing the amenities and property values is also crucial to ensure you’re making a wise investment if you’re looking to purchase.

Utah has a very competitive housing market. It offers an array of climates and backdrops that will appeal to nearly any buyer. The state provides easy access to various outdoor activities, entertainment, fine dining, and Broadway-caliber plays. This unassuming state ranked number 3 on U.S. News’s list of Best States to live in 2022.

About Utah County

Utah County is home to 665,000 people. The county stretches from Alpine to the north and Colton in the south. Utah County extends west to Cedar Fort and east to Soldier Summit. The county also includes parts much of the Uinta National Forest and parts of the Manti-La Sal National Forest.

Utah County is the second-most populous county in the state and includes the Provo-Orem metro area. The geography of Utah county is unique as it contains large mountain ranges and large lakes. Utah County is home to Utah Lake. Utah County provides access to popular recreation areas like Utah Lake State Park, Mount Timpanogos, and The Uinta National Forest.

Utah County gets less snow than Salt Lake County, averaging around 45.8 inches per year. Utah County averages approximately 17.3 inches of precipitation per year. You can expect the hottest temperatures to hit in July and August (sometimes hitting over 100 degrees Fahrenheit) and the lowest temperatures in December and January.

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Housing Market Trends in Utah County, Utah

At publication, the average sales price for a home in Utah County is $505,000, increasing 27.7% from the same time in 2021. The average home is on the market for around 18 days. This same time last year, the average sales price for a home in the county was $395,500, and homes were listed for approximately 16 days. When looking at sales prices from the last five years, Utah County has seen a substantial increase in property values.

In December 2016, the average sale price for a Utah County home was $291,500, with homes staying on the market for 44 days.

The best months to sell homes in Utah County are June through August. The months with the lowest number of home sales are January and February. While more homes sell during the summer months, there’s generally less competition during the colder months of the year.

What does Utah County Have to Offer?

Residents and visitors can find plenty of activities to enjoy, whether they’re looking for an outdoor experience or were prefer to enjoy indoor entertainment. Utah County borders Salt Lake County, so popular attractions in that area are just a quick drive away. Some of the most popular attractions in Utah County including:

Outdoor Activities (Skiing, Hiking, etc.)

  • Timpanogas Cave National Monument
  • Mount Timpanogas
  • Bridal Veil Falls
  • Provo Canyon
  • American Fork Canyon
  • Alpine Loop Scenic Byway
  • Mount Nebo
  • Silver Lake Flat Reservoir
  • Scout Falls
  • Y Mountain
  • Saratoga Hot Springs
  • Emerald Lake


Museums, Zoos, and Parks

  • Thanksgiving Point
  • Utah Lake State Park
  • Springville Museum of Art
  • Museum of Ancient Life at Thanksgiving Point
  • Museum of Natural Curiosity
  • BYU Museum of Paleontology
  • Hutchings Museum-Institute



  • The Shops at Riverwoods
  • Provo Town Centre
  • Alpine Valley Center
  • University Place
  • Plaza Las Americas
  • Outlets at Traverse Mountain
  • The Crossing at Timp Creek



  • Evermore Park
  • Splash Summit Waterpark
  • Provo Beach
  • SCERA Center for the Arts


Government and Cultural Sites

  • Shri Shri Radha Krishna Temple
  • Utah Pioneer Village


Hospitals in Utah County

There are several large hospitals in Utah County, including:

  • American Fork Hospital
  • Mountain Point Medical Center
  • Mountain View Hospital
  • Orem Community Hospital
  • Timpanogos Regional Hospital
  • Utah State Hospital
  • Utah Valley Regional Medical Center


Universities and Colleges in Utah County

Utah County is home to several universities and technical schools, including

  • Brigham Young University
  • Utah Valley University
  • Mountainland Technical College

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