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Cache County, Utah

There are many moving parts when you’re buying and selling real estate. In addition to understanding how local property values affect home values, it’s also essential to know how location factors into a home’s resale value. Knowing a little more about the community where your property is located makes selling your house much more manageable.

Knowing the amenities and property values is also crucial to ensure you’re making a wise investment if you’re looking to purchase.

Utah has a very competitive housing market. It offers an array of climates and backdrops that will appeal to nearly any buyer. The state provides easy access to various outdoor activities, entertainment, fine dining, and Broadway-caliber plays. This unassuming state ranked number 3 on U.S. News’s list of Best States to live in 2022.

About Cache County

Located in Northern Utah, Cache County is home to just over 112,600 people. The County borders Idaho on the north and extends south to Brigham City. The County borders the I-15 corridor to the west, and it extends east just shy of Garden City and Bear Lake. Logan is the largest city in Cache County.

Cache County is surrounded by stunning views of the Wasatch Mountain Range branches. The proximity to the mountain ranges helps produce an average of 58 inches of snow per year. Residents can expect snow up to 7 months of the year in parts of the County.

Cache county gets about 19 inches of rain per year. The weather in Cache County is a bit cooler than the central and southern portions of the state, with summer highs averaging around 89 degrees. Winter temperatures drop to 14 degrees.

Cache County is home to the largest public university in the state, the University of Utah. The University brings in about 20,000 students each year.

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Housing Market Trends in Cache County, Utah

At publication, the average home in Cache County, Utah, sells for $429,00 and is on the market for 10 days before the sale. Sales prices have increased since this same time last year when the average sales price was $308,500 and homes were on the market for around 28 days. At this same time in 2017, the average sales price for a home in Cache County was $215,600, and houses stayed on the market for an average of 64 days.

Historically, the best time to sell a home in Cache County is between June and August. Fewer homes are sold in January and February. It’s likely the higher-than-average snow levels affect home sales to some degree.

What does Cache County Have to Offer?

Cache County is uniquely situated near many outdoor recreation activities. The County abuts the border of Idaho and sits close to Bear Lake and two branches of the Wasatch Mountain Range. Residents and visitors will find many offerings in and near Cache County, including:

Outdoor Activities (Skiing, Hiking, etc.)

  • Beaver Mountain Ski Area

  • Unita-Wasatch-Cache National Forest

  • Logan Canyon

  • Tony Grove Lake

  • Wind Caves

  • Naomi Peak

  • Logan Peak

  • Porcupine Reservoir

  • Logan River Trail

  • Crimson Trail

  • Blacksmith Fork Canyon

  • Newton Dam

  • Little Bear River

Museums, Zoos, and Parks

  • Nora Eccles Harrison Museum of Art

  • Hyrum State Park

  • Zootah

  • American West Heritage Center

  • Willow Park

  • Hyrum City Museum

  • Rendezvous Park

  • First Dam Park

  • Utah State University Anthropology Display


  • Cherry Peak Resort

  • Powder Mountain

  • Logan Aquatic Center


  • Cache Valley Mall


  • Cache Theatre Company

  • Cache Valley Center for the Arts

  • Caine Lyric Theatre

  • Daines Concert Hall

  • Four Seasons Theatre Company

  • Heritage Theatre

  • Music Theatre West

  • Old Barn Community Theatre

  • Pickleville Playhouse

  • Utah Festival Opera &Musical Theatre

Hospitals in Cache County

There are two major hospitals in Cache County including:

  • Cache Valley Hospital

  • Logan Regional Hospital

Universities and Colleges in County

There are two universities in Cache County.

  • Utah State University

  • Bridgerland Technical College


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