How to Attract Buyers

Selling a home can feel very overwhelming. You may love or hate your house, but no matter how you think about the property, you want to make the space appealing to potential buyers. There are a lot of factors that come into play when you try to sell a home.

Consider your typical grocery store trip. When you walk into your local store, you’re instantly surrounded by an array of colors, smells, and enticing displays to attract your attention. While you don’t want your open house to turn into a supermarket sweep, taking time to pay attention to details can go a long way.

Curb appeal matters

First impressions make a sizable impact. If the outside of your home is unkempt and cluttered, buyers might lose interest before they even walk inside. You don’t have to spend much money fixing up your yard. A few low-cost ways to spruce up the outside of your home include:

  • Mowing the lawn and trimming the weeds
  • Removing garbage, yard tools, and yard toys
  • Sweeping the porch
  • Washing the windows
  • Paint your front door
  • Paint or replace your mailbox
  • Pressure clean the outside of the house
  • Plant flowers
  • Add new address numbers

Good marketing makes a difference

Another crucial part of attracting buyers is letting them know your house is available. Gone are the days when putting a For Sale sign in your yard is enough. In fact, more than half of all buyers say they found the home they bought online. Whether you sell through a real estate agent or sell it on your own, it’s essential to understand what techniques help attract buyers and what turns them away.

The right price: Even in a competitive market, when homes are selling quickly, don’t price your home higher than the market value. You may have competing bids that offer more than your asking price, but if you price your home above market value, you risk alienating potential buyers.

Take good photos: Good pictures for your real estate listing are essential. You might consider investing in a professional photographer to take flattering pictures of your room if it’s within the budget. If you take them yourself, check the lighting, take photos from different angles, and clear out the clutter. Images should be clear and show entire spaces. Take multiple shots of larger rooms if necessary.

Understand your market: When is the best time to list a home in your neighborhood? If you need to sell quickly, consider selling in the spring and summer when school doesn’t create conflict for potential buyers’ moves. If a higher sales price is more critical, listing in the winter months means less competition.

Exterior of small American house with blue paint and red entrance door. Northwest, USA

Make the home attractive

Even if your home needs a bit of work, you can make it look as appealing as possible to encourage buyers to make an offer. A few things that help make your house more attractive to buyers include:

Clearing out the clutter: Remove as many personal items as possible. Buyers want to picture themselves in the house, and it’s hard to do that with photos and memorabilia everywhere. Additionally, clearing out closets and shelves highlights storage options.

Bake cookies: Smell is important. Consider baking cookies or cinnamon rolls shortly before an open house. If you opt for an air freshener, choose a neutral scent that’s not too heavy. If you have pets, clear out their litter boxes.

Consider a pet sitter: If possible, don’t leave your dog out during an open house. Take your pup with you or have them stay with a friend when potential buyers stop by. You could also put them in a kennel. You should let the real estate agent and any potential buyers know if you’ll have pets in the home.

Keep it clean: Clearing your personal items will help keep your home clean. But don’t forget a little extra sprucing, including washing cupboards, mopping the floor, vacuuming, and touching up the walls.

Keep it light: Open window blinds and invest in brighter light bulbs. Buyers love light, airy spaces. Sunlight can make your home feel more extensive and more welcoming too. Don’t forget to wash the windows.

Selling your home can be stressful. You’ll either work with a realtor, which could cost up to 5% of your sales price, or manage the listing, open houses and selling paperwork yourself. If all of this seems to be a bit overwhelming, you might consider selling to a cash buyer. If your home needs extensive repairs or you don’t have the time for a traditional sale, selling your house to Brick could be a good solution.

You can skip the fees, open houses, and repairs. We buy homes in any condition. Want a free quote? Call us today to see what cash offer you can get for your house.

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