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What real estate investments does Brick acquire?

Core Plus

Core plus brings a low to moderate risk profile. Cash flow can be improved with light property improvements, management efficiencies and/or by increasing tenant screening practices to ensure the quality tenants are placed. These properties fall in the high-quality and well-occupied space. Cash flow may not be as high as value-add potential but they are a very stable and low risk profile.


Are moderate to high risk properties. They have little cash flow but potential for tremendous cash flow once value has been added. Issues with these assets may be occupancy rates, management problems, deferred maintenance or all three.


These investments have a high risk profile as these projects are highly complex and returns may be delayed as rehabilitation/development and rebranding/branding phases take longer to complete. These investments comprise of complete rehab, empty/vacant buildings, and ground up developments. Cash flow is not achieved until all development/rehab is completed