Do you need to downsize quickly?

Physical clutter can have negative mental and physical ramifications, according to a report in Psychology Today. For example, when space is cluttered, it can lead to higher levels of stress. Additionally, more cluttered areas can make it harder to think clearly.

Whether you’re dealing with multiple investment properties or an inherited property with many personal items, simplifying the downsizing process is key to successfully transitioning to a less cluttered lifestyle quickly and as painlessly as possible.

Here are a few critical tips for successfully downsizing on a short timeline:

Know what you have

Years of disorganization or trying to manage home and items you’re less familiar with can make downsizing a bit more complicated. To properly downsize, you need to assess what you have. Once you have a clear picture of what you’re dealing with, it’s easier to set parameters for deciding whether you keep something or get rid of it.

If you’re dealing with investment properties, make an organized list of the homes you have. Ensure you have all the vital statistics (lot size, number of rooms, tenant information, rent, utility information, etc.) paired with each property. If you’re considering downsizing multiple properties, determine your requirements for which properties you want to keep. This could range from location to types of tenants to maintenance issues. It’s up to you. Once you determine what properties meet that criteria, you’ll have a quick list of properties you may want to let go of.

If you’re getting rid of an inherited property, take photos of every room. Look at each image and identify what items you want to keep. You should also make a list of valuable items you want to keep or sell. Taking the time to go through the home and see everything can make it easier to organize for decision-making time.  

Set a timeline and stay focused

If you’re on a time crunch, you may already know your deadline. If possible, allow yourself a reasonable amount of time to sort through items. First, go through each room and box up items you know you’ll be keeping. Then box up things you’ll sell or donate. Finally, enlist some help to help remove everything else from the house quickly.

Remove emotion from the equation

Downsizing in any form can be a taxing experience, and emotions can make it challenging to make progress. Instead of letting your emotions overwhelm you, focus on the task of decluttering. If you’re struggling to let go of investment properties, figure out a way to remind yourself why you’re choosing to let go and slow down. Letting go of things frees up more space in your life to enjoy other rewarding adventures. Don’t hold onto something, property, or possession if it’s not serving you in a way that you want or need it to.

Get some help

You don’t have to go through this journey alone. Enlist family, friends, neighbors, or volunteers from the community to help you transport items to charity or the dump. Hire someone to help you organize an estate sale. Hire a professional to help you get rid of your home quickly.

If you’re downsizing multiple investment properties or want to get rid of a house you received in an inheritance quickly, we can help. We buy homes in all conditions. Selling multiple investment properties can be time-consuming and stressful. So we’ll buy all your properties so you can spend less time trying to find buyers and more time enjoying what comes next.

Selling an inherited home for cash can be emotionally taxing. You can skip the staging, cleaning, and open houses. Instead, we’ll make you a cash offer, site unseen. If you can’t empty the house of all the belongings, don’t worry. We’ll take it off your hands.

Call us today to learn more about how we purchase homes for cash. Then, we’ll work with you on your timeline, so you can downsize as quickly as possible.

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