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6 Tips for Writing a Financial Hardship Letter to Your Lender

A financial hardship letter is a document you submit to your lender outlining your financial difficulties. Communicating with your lender is one of the most important things you can do once you determine you’ll be more than a few days late or unable to make your payment.

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You Should Know: Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure

The deed in lieu of foreclosure transfers the title of a house from the borrower to the lender. The lender owns the home, and the borrower gets out from under their mortgage. While a deed in lieu of foreclosure will still affect your credit report, it’s often less detrimental than a full foreclosure.

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9 House Repairs That Could Break Your Budget

Sometimes your dream home (or dream investment property) can turn into a major nightmare. While most buyers go into a purchase understanding that some repairs are common, you might be one of the unfortunate that learns your new property is full of expensive repairs.

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8 Signs it Might be Time to Downsize

When you first bought your home, your life probably looked different. Maybe you had younger kids and a few pets. Perhaps you needed more room for a job or for hobbies. Now, it may be

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8 Myths About Downsizing

If you’re struggling with your budget or hoping to avoid foreclosure, you’re likely thinking about downsizing to a smaller home. Downsizing simply refers to moving to a smaller home or property. For most people, this

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Selling a property with difficult tenants

In many cases, renting a home can be relatively hands-free except for collecting rent and handling maintenance issues. Unfortunately, renting your property to the wrong tenants can make your venture into real estate stressful.

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