Local Insights


Weber County, Utah

Weber County is the second smallest county in Utah by land area. The largest city in Weber County is Ogden. Weber County borders the Great Salt Lake on the west, Clearfield on the south, and extends just north of Willard Bay. A significant portion of the county includes parts of the Wasatch Mountain Range.

Davis County, Utah

Davis County sits just north of Salt Lake County. Davis is the third-largest county in the state, with a population of just over 355,000. Despite having the third-largest population in the state, Davis County is the smallest county by land area.

Summit County, Utah

Located in northeast Utah, Summit County is home to around 42,0000 people. The county borders Wyoming on the south and east. The Wasatch Mountain Range borders the county on the west. The largest city in Summit County is Park City.

Cache County, Utah

Located in Northern Utah, Cache County is home to just over 112,600 people. The County borders Idaho on the north and extends south to Brigham City. The County borders the I-15 corridor to the west, and it extends east just shy of Garden City and Bear Lake. Logan is the largest city in Cache County.

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Washington County, Utah

Washington County offers spectacular views of unique terrain. Brightly covered sandstone cliffs provide a stunning foreground to the mountainous backdrop. The county contains the Colorado Plateau, the Great Basin, and the Mojave Desert.

Utah County, Utah

The geography of Utah county is unique as it contains large mountain ranges and large lakes. Utah County is home to Utah Lake. Utah County provides access to popular recreation areas like Utah Lake State Park, Mount Timpanogos, and The Uinta National Forest.