Local Insights

Iron County, Utah

Iron County is in southern Utah and has a population of nearly 55,000 people. Cedar City is the largest community in the county. Iron County borders Nevada on the west, Beaver County on the north, and Washington County to the south.

Rich County, Utah

Rich County is a small county located in northern Utah. Much of the eastern portion of the county comprises the Bear River Valley, which the Bear River Range takes up another large chunk.

Grand County, Utah

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Morgan County, Utah

Morgan County, Utah, sits in northeast Utah. There are about 9,500 residents in the county. Morgan has the most significant percentage of private landowners in the state. Mountains surround the county. Morgan is the smallest county by total area in the state.

Box Elder County, Utah

Box Elder County takes up the northwestern corner of the state. Box Elder borders Idaho on the north and Nevada on the west. The easter border touches Cache, Weber, and Davis counties. Box Elder abuts Tooele County on the south.

Tooele County, Utah

Tooele County sits in the northwest portion of the state. The eastern borders of the county cover Davis, Salt Lake, and Utah Counties. Box Elder County sits to the north of Tooele, and Juab County sits to the south. The western section of the county contains the Great Salt Lake Desert and the city of Wendover. Box Elder extends to the Utah/Nevada border.